Marco Polo for Men

Marco Polo for Men

Our Men’s Line

We have been asked so many times by the men who come with their ladies to the store, “What about us?” that we have realized we needed a Marco Polo for Men.

We now deliver a great collection of summer shirts, swim shorts, short pants, hats, blankets, hammocks, ethnic jewelry, exotic musical instruments, a wonderful collection of hand rolled organic incense from the orient and great manly gifts.

We hope you like them. Come and enjoy. Give us your feedback. We are here for you.

After all, how could we forget you wonderful men?

Come and take an adventure in our garden. We have something for the whole family to enjoy – not just the men!  For the little ones we have real live bullfrogs in our pond – see if you can find them. And don’t forget Mr. Rufus the Marco Polo Cat!

“It’s my favourite store – I visit every time I’m in town”

“It’s my favourite store – I visit every time I’m in town”

People say this to us all the time, but we never tire of hearing people saying “it’s my favourite store”!

They love the experience that is Marco Polo. We treat every customer the same with love and an open heart.

Come and Enjoy.

Escape from your busy lives and relax by the bay in our cozy harbour fashion paradise.

Stroll around our garden, have your partner enjoy the cool bay breeze while they sit by the harbour on one of our comfy lounge chairs and you can give them your own private fashion show.

Our bright spacious change rooms are great for a girls weekend extravaganza.  Choose from hats, shoes, the perfect little cocktail gown, jewels, hand bags, and water fountains! You will be surprised.

Come and enjoy we are waiting for you. Everything you need for any occasion. Even a great toy section to keep your little ones entertained or a pond complete with real bullfrogs for those nature loving boys.

Mom can shop while her little ones are satisfied because we know you’re busy and you need your time too. Pat our family cat Rufus if you can find him the kids love him complete with his orange bow tie!! Don’t hesitate we will take care of you and your family!!

Visit beautiful Tobermory and enjoy the experience that makes Marco Polo a fashion paradise!

Something for Everyone of Every Age and Taste

Something for Everyone of Every Age and Taste

This is quite simply true.  We have something for everyone at Marco Polo.

It has to be the case because our beautiful harbour brings us wonderful you.

I am constantly amazed to see where all my customers hail from; all over the world literally.

It is such a pleasure to meet you all and provide for all your unique tastes and differences.

Welcome to Marco Polo.

We await your visit.

Be sure to tell us where you are from and what you might like to see.

Or what you enjoyed the most about our store.


There’s a treasure with your name on it!


Since we have little ones who come to visit us at Marco Polo and we love their sense of adventure and delight, we have a whole toy section just for you so you can browse while mom enjoys all our unique fashions and dad enjoys our garden and gifts. We have real live bull frogs in our ponds in our garden I am sure those little boys will enjoy finding them, girls can find them too!!

Dad can enjoy our unique clothes and sunglasses, hammocks, coffeeware, swim wear and hats just for him and mom can swoon over the fabulous shoes and handbags!

Don’t forget grandma because she will love our Victorian nighties in Egyptian cotton for those hot muggy nights and our organic lavender line from Harvest Farms, Ontario, Canada.

Grandpa will love our cool adorondack chairs out front where he can sit and read over looking the bay while he waits for his family to explore the adventure of Marco Polo.

Girlfriends will love to come and play with all our fabulous hats try every color and match them with our glamerous dresses and shoes.

We have something for every occasion!

If you are going to a wedding, if you are mother of the bride or bridesmaid, if you are going to a formal or semi formal, if you are getting engaged, or getting on a boat, if you are riding in a kayak or hiking on a rocky cliff, if you are dancing til dawn or going to the theatre, we have what you will need at Marco Polo.

Come and challenge us! We love to meet your fashion needs!

Welcome to Marco Polo! Canada’s Unique Treasure

Welcome to Marco Polo! Canada’s Unique Treasure

Marco Polo is a Gem in on the waterfront of Georgian Bay at Tobermory’s Little Tug Harbour!

The historical building that is our home is over 100 years old.

Preserving the original building as part of the historical significance of this wonderful little harbor town is part of our charm.

Surrounded by water, fresh air, lush greenery and the best sunsets anywhere we bring you fashions and gifts from every part of the world.

Come experience the adventures of Marco Polo!

Just imagine the explorer arriving home with a ship laden full of exotic finds from around the world and you have a sense of us.

Summer Fashion at Marco Polo Boutique Tobermory

Summer Fashion at Marco Polo Boutique Tobermory

Enjoy Our New and Exciting Summer Fashion Lines!

Since we are seasonal (May to October) we cater to the summer season only and every year we bring you amazing rare and unique summer fashion!

Our designer has travelled far and wide to find you unique lines you won’t find anywhere else.

This is quite a challenge I might add and she offers them at a great price.

Designs from New York, California, Las Vegas, Italy, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia and wonderful Canada of course; not only do we offer you fashions but we complete them with fabulous accessories so you can get your whole outfit or new summer wardrobe at one place.

So come and relax and find everything you need!

Let our wonderful and experienced sales ladies take care of you for a change because we know women are busy taking care of others all the time!! Bring your girlfriends come and  play!!

Try on these marvelous hats, unique jewellry pieces, colorful swim wear and dresses for all shapes and sizes. We will amaze you!!

We have Tribal, Bambooco,Pink Polka Dot, Dusak,Point Zero, Tainjos and our own unique Marco Polo Fashions too just to name a few of our lines.

Come take a look.  We know we have something wonderful for each and every one of you.

We carry an incrediblel variety of skirts,dresses for every occasion, capris, shorts, pants, shrugs, t-shirts, blouses, fabulous novelty tops, and a fantastic range of accesories to match.

Our shoes seem to be creating frenzy. Women love our shoes because they are jazzy and unique; but the best part is they are comfortable so they don’t hurt your hips or knees. The anti slip factor is also a plus so dance away all night you wonderful divas!! The jazzy jewels go with any outfit and we have a huge variety so we can suit all your individual tastes. Come and oogle all you fashionistas!! Hooray for fabulous shoes!!!!

Come and visit us soon. Our helpful sales ladies are ready and waiting for you.

We pride ourselves on fabulous customer service.

That is why we have been here for over 20 years!!

Take a look!

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