Enjoy Our New and Exciting Summer Fashion Lines!

Since we are seasonal (May to October) we cater to the summer season only and every year we bring you amazing rare and unique summer fashion!

Our designer has travelled far and wide to find you unique lines you won’t find anywhere else.

This is quite a challenge I might add and she offers them at a great price.

Designs from New York, California, Las Vegas, Italy, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia and wonderful Canada of course; not only do we offer you fashions but we complete them with fabulous accessories so you can get your whole outfit or new summer wardrobe at one place.

So come and relax and find everything you need!

Let our wonderful and experienced sales ladies take care of you for a change because we know women are busy taking care of others all the time!! Bring your girlfriends come and  play!!

Try on these marvelous hats, unique jewellry pieces, colorful swim wear and dresses for all shapes and sizes. We will amaze you!!

We have Tribal, Bambooco,Pink Polka Dot, Dusak,Point Zero, Tainjos and our own unique Marco Polo Fashions too just to name a few of our lines.

Come take a look.  We know we have something wonderful for each and every one of you.

We carry an incrediblel variety of skirts,dresses for every occasion, capris, shorts, pants, shrugs, t-shirts, blouses, fabulous novelty tops, and a fantastic range of accesories to match.

Our shoes seem to be creating frenzy. Women love our shoes because they are jazzy and unique; but the best part is they are comfortable so they don’t hurt your hips or knees. The anti slip factor is also a plus so dance away all night you wonderful divas!! The jazzy jewels go with any outfit and we have a huge variety so we can suit all your individual tastes. Come and oogle all you fashionistas!! Hooray for fabulous shoes!!!!

Come and visit us soon. Our helpful sales ladies are ready and waiting for you.

We pride ourselves on fabulous customer service.

That is why we have been here for over 20 years!!

Take a look!

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