This is quite simply true.  We have something for everyone at Marco Polo.

It has to be the case because our beautiful harbour brings us wonderful you.

I am constantly amazed to see where all my customers hail from; all over the world literally.

It is such a pleasure to meet you all and provide for all your unique tastes and differences.

Welcome to Marco Polo.

We await your visit.

Be sure to tell us where you are from and what you might like to see.

Or what you enjoyed the most about our store.


There’s a treasure with your name on it!


Since we have little ones who come to visit us at Marco Polo and we love their sense of adventure and delight, we have a whole toy section just for you so you can browse while mom enjoys all our unique fashions and dad enjoys our garden and gifts. We have real live bull frogs in our ponds in our garden I am sure those little boys will enjoy finding them, girls can find them too!!

Dad can enjoy our unique clothes and sunglasses, hammocks, coffeeware, swim wear and hats just for him and mom can swoon over the fabulous shoes and handbags!

Don’t forget grandma because she will love our Victorian nighties in Egyptian cotton for those hot muggy nights and our organic lavender line from Harvest Farms, Ontario, Canada.

Grandpa will love our cool adorondack chairs out front where he can sit and read over looking the bay while he waits for his family to explore the adventure of Marco Polo.

Girlfriends will love to come and play with all our fabulous hats try every color and match them with our glamerous dresses and shoes.

We have something for every occasion!

If you are going to a wedding, if you are mother of the bride or bridesmaid, if you are going to a formal or semi formal, if you are getting engaged, or getting on a boat, if you are riding in a kayak or hiking on a rocky cliff, if you are dancing til dawn or going to the theatre, we have what you will need at Marco Polo.

Come and challenge us! We love to meet your fashion needs!

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