What we buy – and why

Why do we choose the inventory we do?

Well to answer this I would have to say, at first Marco Polo was just an outlet for my travelling. I would buy interesting things along the way to facilitate my need or urge to travel. (Interesting point: need, curiosity,understanding, education or urge or escape why do any of us travel?) Any way, I found so many interesting things. I met so many great artists and people making such wonderful things. It became a lifestyle and passion. I drove through rice terraces on an old dirt bike avoiding all manner of hazards such as pigs, cows, chickens, diesel buses,whole families on motorbikes (seat belts?? No!), men with push carts right in the middle of the road, and cows left to wander at will right out on a busy highway- these cows I discovered are considered sacred in some parts of the world don’t you know?! Wonderfully interesting for my Canadian background. Whole parts of the road or a major part of a bridge are missing yet somehow they are still functional amazingly! All of this spelled magical adventure and I was on the lookout for cool things to buy for my store.

This turned in to getting more involved with the making of the things. I met a wonderful Batik artist and started getting him to make fabrics for me and then a lady who could bead my garments, a wonderful pattern maker that could take my ideas and sew them into samples. Wonderful European travellers who shared their designs and ideas with me, a fellow who made shoes and encouraged me to try my hand at the craft and I did. What fun!! A wonderful wood worker who painted tropical fish just the way I wanted them. An amazing metal smith who had more ideas than me and designed a bunch of my store fixtures and metal handicrafts and lent me his motorbike and babysat my nine month old son we became fast
friends and this is how it went. A Mecca of artists at the ready to make whatever I could imagine. And imagining things has never been a problem for me. In fact, I usually wake up with a million ideas and there isn’t enough time in the day. I felt I had died and gone to heaven! I wonder how many of you feel the same way.

Well this is all to say it has been an adventure, to get back to the point why do we choose the inventory we do this has to do with you the customer if you like it I buy more and if you don’t I find something new and hopefully for the artist over there somewhere you do like it.

Where do we find all those cool suppliers?

Sorry folks but that remains our secret…We pride ourselves on being unique and we want it to stay that way!