A brief history of Marco polo

Marco Polo Trading Company in Tobermory, OntarioHow did this all get started, anyway?

18 years ago I graduated from University of Toronto with a BSC in Psychology, a very creative mind and a hefty student loan. I was told Japan was a great place to go to make money. I packed my bags and was off. I did not know then that 18 years later my trip to Asia would inspire a life time of traveling and adventure; Marco Polo represents my heart and all that I have experienced over this journey I feel I bring to those of you who travel through my door. Traveling opened my eyes to something greater. I hope that everyone one of you gets a chance to see the world
as I have. It provides a richer perspective deeper understanding for all people. We are all a part of this rich and wonderful complex planet that we share. Nature provides and hearts share. Marco Polo what was the original “Belrose Inn“ of Tobermory, thanks to some very special people became my home and base to travel from. I fell in love with the rugged landscape that is Tobermory. I could never leave. I need to be by these waters. I can’t think of another place that I have travelled to that I love more.

I like to think my life and Marco Polo has been about creating beauty and bringing joy to others.
Whatever state we find ourselves in we are always in need of a heart connection. Open hearts make
for peace and understanding. I design clothing full of colour, comfortable, breathable fabrics, create spaces that are full of light and fresh air, deliver items that are groovy, get me excited, well designed and tasteful. I listen to my customers, I listen to all the wonderful artists I have worked with. I listen to nature and my spirit. I let every experience inspire me to do better and I pray and follow my heart. This is the history of Marco Polo. I welcome your feedback and I hope you enjoy my store.


Shelley Belden
Owner and Founder