Enjoying the stunning Tobermory area

Georgian Bay cliffs at Cyprus lake ParkCanada’s Best Kept Secret

Surrounded by water, fresh air, lush greenery and the best sunsets anywhere we bring you fashions and gifts from every part of the world. Come experience the adventures of Marco Polo! Just imagine the explorer arriving home with a ship laden full of exotic finds from around the world and you have a sense of us.

We are located in Tobermory a visual paradise,  a spiritual mecca if you will. I say this because I never tire of the splendor and rejuvenation that I feel when I stand by these waters that I have made my home. I feel blessed to have so much fresh water, fresh air and greenery all around me. These rugged landscapes visually stunning, windswept cliffs and rock faces jutting out into crystal blue waters, surrounded by the ancient cedars that have stood the test of time, remind us of how insignificant we are in relation to the wonders of mother nature. Standing by this water I am amazed by the power and sound of the rushing waves, bluest waters any time of day, always changing, every season bringing new plant life feast your eyes on the wonders of this area and why you should visit us here at Marco Polo. 

Images courtesy Ken Jarvis Photography

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